“IDB Art” is launched with H2O orchestra

A platform known as “IDB Art” will be introduced today at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), located at the corner of Quesada and Legión Civil Extranjera (one block from Mariscal López avenue, the location of Santa Clara School), with an exclusive performance of the H2O-Sonidos de la Tierra orchestra. This event will also honor the celebrations of Independence Day and Mother’s Day.

Admission is free, but organizers are requesting nonperishable food donations to benefit the “Yary Miri” indigenous community. Since space is limited, attendees should RSVP by e-mailing anarivas@iadb.org before noon on Wednesday.

“The objective is to promote art in Paraguay, mainly based on three pillars: promote a culture of art, i.e. literature, painting, music, art of all types; second, young people’s efforts, to show that young people are the ones who most want to develop art, and we would also like for other young people who do not produce art to like it, and to develop some sort of connection. The third is cultural entrepreneurs,” said Eduardo M. Almeida, Representative of the IDB. Those activities are planned for August and November, as well as within the framework of the Annual Meeting of the IDB in Asunción in March 2017.

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