Paraguay welcomed the preparatory mission for the 2017 Annual Meeting of the IDB and the IIC

The Interagency Committee responsible for organizing the Annual Meeting of the Boards of Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), to be held in Paraguay in 2017, hosted the Washington-based members of the Annual Meeting preparatory mission from 31 October to 4 November 2016.

The mission was led by Ms. Cintia Guimaraes, Deputy Secretary, and included the following members: Carlos Irigaray, Chief, IT and Audiovisual Section (SEC/ITA), and Interim Chief, Conferences Section (SEC/CNF); Javier Bartoli, Chief, Protocol Section (SEC/PRO); Isabel Alvarez-Rodriguez, Communications Specialist (EXR); Juan Carlos Franco, Senior Associate (SEC/ITA); Paula Gutierrez, Senior Analyst (SEC/CNF); Ximena Rodriguez, Corporate Services Associate (SEC/CNF); Oscar Vazquez, Specialist (ITE); Roberto Quiros, Lead Specialist (ITE); and Sonia Mondon, Administrative Associate Officer (IIC).

The objective of the mission was to make progress with the tasks involved in planning the 2017 IDB-IIC Annual Meeting with the Government of Paraguay’s Planning Team.

Activities during this week of challenging work included:

  • Visits to: (i) The Paraguayan Olympic Committee (meeting headquarters); (ii) hotels associated with the event; (iii) Teatro Lírico of the Central Bank of Paraguay; and (iv) other locations where social events may be held.
  • Meetings to address the following subjects: (i) voice and data transmission; (ii) hardware and software; (iii) production of meeting events, design, assembly, and configuration, communications strategy and positioning; (iv) infrastructure and transportation; and (v) protocol and special events.

A number of public and private institutions that are helping with all the tasks related to organizing the event provided support during the mission, pursuant to Decree 4240 of 22 October 2015, which declared that the Annual Meeting of the Boards of Governors of the IDB and the IIC is of national interest.

During the mission’s closing event, which was held in the Minister of Finance’s office, Ms. Cintia Guimaraes highlighted the good work being done together with the Interagency Committee, as well as a number of important points that came up during the mission.

Minister Peña signed memorandum of understanding for 2017Annual Meeting of the IDB

Santiago Peña Palacios, Minister of Finance, and Luis Alberto Moreno, President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), signed a memorandum of understanding on the Annual Meeting of the Boards of Governors of the IDB and the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC). This event will be held in Paraguay from 30 March to 2 April 2017, and was declared to be of national interest under Decree 4240 of 22 October 2015.

The memorandum of understanding—which was signed in Washington, D.C., United States—is a document that lays out the responsibilities of the IDB and the Host Country regarding the organization of the event and describes all the activities to be carried out in the context of the meeting.

The national government considers this official event a priority, because of its significance to the country, taking into account that the IDB’s Annual Meeting is the most important gathering focusing on economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean, with nearly 3,000 participants from abroad, including Ministers of Economy or Finance from the 48 member countries, public- and private-sector leaders, and representatives of civil society, academia, and the world’s major banks and investment funds.

Hosting this event calls for the support, commitment, and contribution of various government agencies and the private sector.